Small Group Tutoring

We provide individualized tutoring for students of all ages. We have tutored four-year-olds with their pre-reading skills. We have tutored senior adults who simply want to keep their mind learning. Tutoring for younger students is often delivered in a small-group setting, working with no more than three students at a time.

Private Tutoring

We provide private tutoring for students in advanced classes or when requested for younger students in need of extra attention. Subjects include advanced math, college writing, SAT, ACT and ASVAB test prep., and science.

University Proctoring

We serve as proctors for several universities and college students taking online courses. If you have a test to take for an online class or a correspondence class, we would be happy to serve as your proctor so you can take the test in a quiet location without distractions.

Special Workshops

Occasionally, we offer special workshops. These usually consist of 6-8 hours of hands-on instruction spread over several days, often meeting once a week. Offerings have included; Lego Robotics; Chemical Reactions and Rockets; Introduction to Physics; Physics of Movement.

Summer Sessions

We are open all summer. This is a great time to pull ahead of classmates who take the summer off.

Fee Structure

We are a private business and do not receive funding from any agency, public or private. We also recognize that the economy of our area is not as strong as that of many larger communities in our state. Therefore, we try to keep our charges reasonable. If you have checked the pricing at the “Big Name” tutoring centers in Olympia or Longview, you know what we mean.

Assessment and Program Design: $100 *

Our new student assessment has many parts. Our first goal is to help the student realize that tutoring is something that can help anyone, not just students who are struggling in school. Almost anyone can improve their skills in most anything if they get some help.

New students are assessed using research-based tests. After the testing, we are able to design a plan to help remediate the low skills. The materials in each plan include printed materials, computer applications and research projects which use interesting historical and scientific artifacts as well as unusual facts from all over the world.

Private Tutoring: $35 per hr. when pre-paying for 4 sessions at a time ($140) or $40 per hr. when paid at the time of service or billed

Small Group Tutoring: $28 per hr. when purchased 5 sessions at a time ($140) or $30 per hr. when paid at the time of service or billed

Special Workshops: Varies – usually $50-$85 depending on length and costs of expendable materials used

* There is a way to save some money by scouring this website for a generous discount!

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