A Big Change is Coming!

I made a big announcement today! After 30 years teaching in public schools and 16 years of business, I am preparing to retire. I turn 70 next spring and that seems like a good time to relax a bit. I have been blessed to work with thousands of students. Many of them have become friends when they grew up. I’ve worked with three generations of several families. I could not ask for a better “job”.

It is my hope that there is another teacher out there, who would like to continue what I’ve begun. We have served students from 4 to 77 years old, struggling students, bored students, excited and inspired students. We’ve had students from as Raymond, Elma, Yelm and Morton and most towns in between on our weekly schedule. We’ve had students from Russia, Saudi Arabia, New York and other distant places spend a few sessions with us in the summer.

Our lovely building has 4 classrooms on the main floor as well as a larger space in the basement. We’ve offered science workshops and Lego Robotics classes down there. There have been times when we’ve had 6 teachers working at the same time! There’s more to by told about this fine, old home. Watch for a coming page dedicated to the home and the sale of the business.