Help this child by placing the winning bid on original art!

Help this child by placing the winning bid on original art from a local artist. The artist is a former student of mine who grew up to become a friend of mine…about 30 years ago! The artist asked me to help raise some money for a child in Africa. Bidding will be open as soon as I post photos of the art.

This is Kevin. Kevin is 8 years old and lives in Burundi, Africa. How much longer he lives, there or anywhere, may be up to us. Kevin suffers from a severe heart defect known as “Hypo Plastic Right Ventricle”, a congenital heart defect that usually results in a child’s death very early in life. He has been hospitalized for acute heart failure on numerous occasions. The stomach protrusion in the picture is called “Ascites”, which means his abdomen is filling up with liquid as a result of an enlarged liver, itself the results of his heart problem.

Many people around the world are trying to raise money to send him to India for surgery, since there is no place in Burundi that can do the surgery.

Here is a link to the group trying to help Kevin. The man who started this group has been to the home of a local family as well to many more well-known people in our country, including Bill & Melinda Gates.

Check my next post to learn more about the art auction.