Grammar Monster

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Apostrophes– Apostrophes cause more errors than any other punctuation mark.

Brackets– Brackets look unwieldy in official writing. This lesson on parenthesis explains when commas or dashes might be better options.

Colons– Used correctly, colons can make your writing succinct and effective.

Commas– The comma: grammar villain. Learn to use commas correctly.

Dashes– Dashes (long hyphens) are great for extending sentences or replacing brackets.

Hyphens– Hyphens are mainly used to group words; e.g. free-range eggs.

Semicolons– When used correctly and sparingly, semicolons look tremendous.

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Parts of Speech

Yup, it’s a drag, but you have to learn the 8 parts of speech to progress to status of “Grammarian”.

Adjectives– Adjectives describe things. You excited yet? Try the test on adjectives.

Adverbs– Most adverbs end ‘ly’; e.g. quietly. Learn more about adverbs.

Conjunctions– When do you put a comma before and, or and but?

Interjections– Phew is an interjection. Read more about interjections.

Nouns– As you can’t use proper nouns in Scrabble, you’d better find out what they are. Take the test on nouns.

Pronouns– She is a pronoun. So is he. Jeepers, who else is a pronoun?

Prepositions– In, on, about, over, under, near, by and with are all prepositions. There are dozens of others. Find out more with the lesson on prepositions.

Verbs– You can’t form a sentence without a verb. See the lesson on verbs.

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