Encouraging Kids in the Kitchen

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Great Recipes & Tips to Get Kids Cooking…

Here is a site filled with ideas for getting kids involved it the art of food preparation. It also has tips on healthy eating for kids.

I’ve used these kinds of activities as a way of getting kids to practice following written directions. Sometimes they learn the greatest lessons through their mistakes!

Here’s how the site explains things:

KidsAndCooking was formed to offer a unique reference point on encouraging kids in the kitchen.

We want this site to be the first place you visit when you’re looking for any information about kids and cooking. We aim to produce clear informative articles in a simple format that will answer your questions, offer suggestions and make cooking with and for kids fun and easy.

We know how exciting it can be when a child successfully manages to bake a cake or prepare a simple lunch for the first time. We also know how hair-raisingly embarrassing it can be when a child refuses to eat anything from a restaurant’s menu and demands fish fingers and alphabetti spaghetti. With this in mind we offer recipes and practical advice on everything including: eating out; filling lunch boxes; coping with allergies; catering for a party; food for teenagers and simple but tasty food for younger kids.