“Number Sense” The Math Game That Helps!

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Two trains leave the station at the same time on parallel tracks. One travels 560 miles in the same amount of time it takes the second one to travel 630 miles…and why do we care?

Did you spot anything special about the numbers used in this problem (that isn’t a problem)? If you have good “number sense” you most likely noticed that 2, 5 and 7 are factors of both numbers. If you didn’t catch that, you might want to give this instructable a try.

Students working on multi-step math problems often struggle reaching the correct answer because they have to stop and calculate a small part of the problem and by the time they have that worked out they don’t remember what they needed it for. If we can train their  brains to solve basic math equations without conscious effort math will get easier for them.

I developed this activity about 12 years ago in my tutoring business. I have used it successfully with students from 5 to 75. The specialized, “Solar Powered, Recycled, Numeric Devices” needed are two decks of ordinary playing cards!

The “Solar Powered” part? Isn’t everything, ultimately, solar powered? No sun = no food = no life!

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