So many smiling faces!

It is hard to believe, but we have been in business for almost 16¬†years. Those years have gone very quickly. I’m not sure what our SPH has been but it’s pretty high! (SPH=Smiles Per Hour) Today, I stopped at a local business and as I was taking to the lady at the front desk, a young woman walked up to speak to someone else. She looked familiar but I was not totally certain who she was. Not wanting to interrupt either of our conversations, I remained silent. After she was gone, the lady with whom I was speaking confirmed that she was who I thought she was. Another former student, all grown up and making her way through adulthood.

A quick check of my records from the last 15+ years shows that we have worked with over 1200 students. Some of them have come and gone and come again over the years. Looking back through pictures for current and former students, I face a lot of questions. The main one is, “What are they doing now?” I have so many good memories of our¬†students. My thanks goes out to all of the families who have allowed me to be part of the lives of their precious kids.

As the school year winds down and we move to our summer schedule, I am excited because I know some of last summer’s students will return and I’ll meet new students too. We have added several new students in the last two weeks and have a few more scheduled to start. If you would like to enroll your student for our summer program, feel free to contact me and we can get everything ready for a smooth transition.