Lewis Talk Finds The Freeman Center

FreemanRipleysA few weeks ago, the mother of one of our former students contacted me to ask if she could write a story about The Freeman Center for LewisTalk, a website dedicated to stories about local people and places. I agreed to meet with her at The Freeman Center. Every time I give someone a tour of this place or try to share the story of the path I’ve taken to get here I realize that a lot of things have brought me here.

Due to “word count” restrictions, much of the story had to be pared down to a minimum and other parts had to be left out entirely.

One thing that was instrumental in leading me to The Freeman Center as it is today was a simple cartoon in a paperback book. I have added a couple of pages to The Freeman Center website to share the story of our fortuatous purchase of a Ripley’s Believe It or Not book at a yard sale.

Please check out LewisTalk and our newest pages about Ripley’s and the Gun Tree. If you want a closer look, please stop in or give me a call to set up a visit. Thanks!