Cells Alive!

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I was sent a link to Cells Alive the other day and found some wonderful animations about many kinds of cells. If you think the head of a pin is small check out this information from their site, then go watch the animation.

“ The head of a pin is about 2mm in diameter. Use this animation to compare the relative sizes of cells and organisms sitting on a pinhead. Nearly invisible without magnification, dust mites dwarf pollen grains and human cells. In turn, bacteria and viruses are even smaller.”

Jim Sullivan has been hosting this collection of cell videos and animations since ’94 and his collection spans 30 years of work. Check out his illustrative examples of Cell biology, Microbiology, Immunology and Microscopy. And even better, be sure to check out the many animations that Jim provides including puzzles and quizzes.

Science News – Magazine of the Society for Science & the Pubic

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I received an email telling me about Science News’ website.  There is a lot of interesting information there. It covers all things science and is even available as an Audible subscription.  The categories at the top make it easy to browse or you can search the site for something specific.  There is also a section called ‘Science News for Kids.’

Current Article Examples:

A fossilized feathered dinosaur dined on bird not long before its own demise.

Sulfur and silicon may be more abundant in the planet’s heart than thought.

The complete genetic instruction book for making monarch butterflies contains information about how the insects manage their long migration to Mexico.

The Cassini spacecraft captured images of massive tempest in planet’s northern hemisphere.

In a Central American jungle, archaeologists and volunteers uncover ruins of the once-powerful civilization.

Caffeine strengthens electrical signals in rats’ hippocampus.