Eyewitness to History

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Your ringside seat to history – from the Ancient World to the present. History through the eyes of those who lived it, presented by Ibis Communications, Inc. a digital publisher of educational programming.

This is an interesting site for anyone who enjoys history but even those who don’t will most likely learn something here. Links range from Ancient History into the 1970s.

Our Military Kids

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This site was brought to my attention by the mother of two of my students. Their dad is in Afghanistan on his second tour. While he is away, his boys are working hard to improve their schoolwork.

Our Military Kids provides tangible support to children of deployed National Guard and Reserve personnel as well as to children of severely injured service members through grants for enrichment activities and tutoring. Such activities help these children cope with the stress of having a parent in a war zone or recovering from injury at home. Our Military Kidsgrants are made to honor the sacrifices that military families make and to ensure that their children have access to sports, fine arts, or academic tutoring programs.

Kahn Academy

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This is an amazing site filled with educational videos covering a wide range of math and science areas. It seems that it could be helpful if you needed a refresher or an introduction to a specific skill. Might also help with insomnia if used close to bed time!

The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) with the mission of providing a world-class education to anyone, anywhere.

We are complementing Salman’s ever-growing library with user-paced exercises–developed as an open source project–allowing the Khan Academy to become the free classroom for the World.

Teaching the Alphabet

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A quote from the website:

“When asked ‘What is the first thing you should teach a child when they are learning to read?’ Most people reply “the alphabet.”

“But there are in fact a few steps you can introduce to your child before and during the more formal instruction ofteaching the alphabet letters! You are most likely teaching these steps without even realizing – but it is good to be aware of them to help give structure to your play times together so you will instinctively know when it is the right time to move onto the next level. This ‘pre-reading’ time is often referred to as Phonemic Awareness (P.A). “

They go on to explain the steps involved in teaching reading. There are also links to other discussions about the subject.

Money Math Game for Kids

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It’s time for a change! With the advent of the computerized cash register, store clerks don’t need to know how to count change anymore. As an old grocery clerk myself, I used to play a game with the register. Could I keep a running total in my head and reach the same total as the register? Making change was the easy part!

Here is a site for students to practice making change…maybe some store clerks too! I know at least one dad in town who would be very happy if his daughter could count change.