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Researchers explore links between grammar, rhythm

I read an interesting article about a study that shows a relationship between a student’s understanding of rhythm and an understanding of grammar. As an old music teacher who currently teaches a lot of grammar, it makes sense. It may also help explain why, having played several instruments before I got to high school, I actually enjoyed diagramming sentences!

If you don’t feel like reading the text, there is a link to a video description on the page too!…/researchers-explore-links-b…/…

Your methods of teaching and reaching kids has really come through for my daughter!

I received another wonderful email last week:

I wanted to tell you what I heard from [my daughter’s] principle last week.  I had heard this story from [my daughter], but to hear it the second time I knew it really happened! [My daughter] and her combined class of 7th and 8ith graders … apparently had some class time to catch up on any work they had.  Another girl asked [my daughter] if she would help her study for a Math test.  This young lady is Russian,  English is NOT her first language.  The teacher was so impressed with the way [my daughter] worked with her, that she shared it with the principle.

So, [my daughter] comes to The Freeman Center at 9 years old, because she was not doing well in Math (or Reading).  I needed her to be up to the standards of The Centralia Christian School in that Fall of 2012.  And now as an 8th grader, one of the teachers is amazed at [my daughter’s] ability in helping a student with the math that she learned as a 7th grader!!  I give complete credit to you and the staff that has been with her through the time she has been there.   Your methods of teaching and reaching kids has really come through with [my daughter].  She has confidence to help a fellow student.  All last year, even though she was not coming to the center, [my daughter] would talk about how she knew that it was because of Mr. Freeman teaching her this or that.

I am also so very thankful that Mr. Keahey was able to have [my daughter] some for help in math.  It was amazing to me that she went to school all week, I take her to tutoring for the first time in awhile, on a Friday afternoon and later, she came out to the car with a BIG smile on her face, happy to do math for an hour!! Wow! What can I say.  A great teacher, spent that hour with [my daughter].

As I said before, I know without a doubt, that [my daughter] has benefited from going to The Freeman Center.  Who knows, she may even want to become a teacher!

Cruisin’ for ice-cream!

Brock has worked very hard for the last several months. His skills are improving quite well, his attitude is great and he has set some goals for himself.

One of the goals is to take his brother and dad for cruises in our old cars. We had the first cruise last week. It was nice to have a sunny day in January. They enjoyed their ride and the ice-cream.

It is sure nice that our students choose to hang out with us outside of class…even if we do have to bribe them!

Brock took us on a ride!
Brock took us on a ride!

A Visit From a Former Student



The door opened and two young guys walked in. One of them acted like he knew where he was going! I recognized his face but he was almost as tall as me! Trent was a student at The Freeman Center between 2007 and 2011 with a few breaks in between.

Today, he returned a book he had borrowed to prepare for a science fair several years ago! It was still in nice shape!

Trent told the students with whom I was working that he is doing well in school now and that his time with us really helped him succeed! Then he turned to his friend and said, “You really need to come here!”


Our Museum Tour

HouseOldPencilWhat looks like a quaint old house…with a giant pencil out front…houses a large collection of scientific and historic artifacts from all over the world. Whether it’s a prehistoric dinosaur bone, a 140 year old, 4 inch, Chinese shoe for a woman with bound feet or the shell of a 400 lb. sea turtle, adults and students of all ages are will find something of interest. If you would like to take a tour, please contact Steve at 360 269-2975 or email him at Steve@TheFreemanCenter  for an appointment today!