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Writing Fun

  Here is another great site from our neighbors to the north. That implies that you will probably find some of those pesky Canadian spellings but I believe it is worth it! This is an excellent source of writing help for students (and their parents).

Math Learning Disabilities

Here is a interesting article about math difficulties and how to best address them in the classroom. There are some tips parents can use to work with their struggling students too. The article confirms several of the techniques we use at The Freeman Center. I like that!


I’ve always been a pretty fast typist having played piano and guitar for so many years but…would you believe there are people out there who type over 150 words per minute! I’m not that good! Here is a site to check out if you want to know how fast you type. It is a good […]

Study Skills Resources

Just found another great site with lots of study skills tips. There are tips for all grade levels, even college and choosing a career! Hmmmm, probably too late for me! More than 70 practical articles and hundreds of tips about how to study and improve study skills in elementary school through college. English and Spanish.

Educational Videos, Lessons and Games for K-12 School Kids

Here is an amazing collection of educational videos and other neat stuff for students, parents and teachers. I know that my own grandkids will enjoy watching a lot of these. http://www.neok12.com From the website: “At NeoK12, we believe that kids learn best when they ‘see’ how things work, when, where and why they happen. Watching educational […]

Solar System Scope

This flash site is an interactive exploration of our solar system.  Providing different perspectives and a host of settings to enhance or focus on particular aspects, you can easily spend a lot of time poking around our neighboring planets. You can move through time to see where planets were on your birthday or where they […]

Study Guides and Strategies

  This site is one of those treasures that has so much to offer, I can’t put a full description in my limited space. Please check it out for yourself. From the author, Joe Landsberger: For the past seventeen years I have researched, authored, maintained and supported the Study Guides Web site as an independent […]

Encouraging Kids in the Kitchen

Great Recipes & Tips to Get Kids Cooking… Here is a site filled with ideas for getting kids involved it the art of food preparation. It also has tips on healthy eating for kids. I’ve used these kinds of activities as a way of getting kids to practice following written directions. Sometimes they learn the […]

Sentence Diagramming

Some people may consider me a bit odd. Today’s posting may confirm that belief. Way back in high school, I was introduced to the “art” of diagraming sentences! Strange as it may seem, I actually enjoyed the task. I still look at it as a puzzle to solve and if done correctly it can help […]

Cells Alive!

I was sent a link to Cells Alive the other day and found some wonderful animations about many kinds of cells. If you think the head of a pin is small check out this information from their site, then go watch the animation. “ The head of a pin is about 2mm in diameter. Use […]