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A Big Change is Coming!

I made a big announcement today! After 30 years teaching in public schools and 16 years of business, I am preparing to retire. I turn 70 next spring and that seems like a good time to relax a bit. I have been blessed to work with thousands of students. Many of them have become friends […]

So many smiling faces!

It is hard to believe, but we have been in business for almost 16 years. Those years have gone very quickly. I’m not sure what our SPH has been but it’s pretty high! (SPH=Smiles Per Hour) Today, I stopped at a local business and as I was taking to the lady at the front desk, a […]

An Englishman Came Calling!

In March of 2007, this gentle Englishman came calling. For almost ten years he has been part of our teaching staff. Students often called him “Mr. D” which was just fine with him. We often hear comments such as: “I love his accent!” John Dorland has decided to “retire” from teaching for The Freeman Center. […]

Kirsten’s Amazing Memories Reunion

Fourteen years ago, I met a young girl who now owns a piece of my heart! Kirsten is a remarkable young woman. When you first meet her, she will tell you that she was born with Asperger Syndrome and because of that she learns differently than others. While Asperger’s makes it harder for her to […]

She decided to change her future!

This young woman wanted to change her future! Sarah left school when she was quite young because she “could not read or understand the schoolwork”. Early last year, she found someone who gave her a chance and a challenge. She began working in an office with the stipulation that she complete her GED or High […]

Lewis Talk Finds The Freeman Center

A few weeks ago, the mother of one of our former students contacted me to ask if she could write a story about The Freeman Center for LewisTalk, a website dedicated to stories about local people and places. I agreed to meet with her at The Freeman Center. Every time I give someone a tour […]

Cruisin’ for ice-cream!

Brock has worked very hard for the last several months. His skills are improving quite well, his attitude is great and he has set some goals for himself. One of the goals is to take his brother and dad for cruises in our old cars. We had the first cruise last week. It was nice […]

A Visit From a Former Student

  The door opened and two young guys walked in. One of them acted like he knew where he was going! I recognized his face but he was almost as tall as me! Trent was a student at The Freeman Center between 2007 and 2011 with a few breaks in between. Today, he returned a […]

“Number Sense” The Math Game That Helps!

Two trains leave the station at the same time on parallel tracks. One travels 560 miles in the same amount of time it takes the second one to travel 630 miles…and why do we care? Did you spot anything special about the numbers used in this problem (that isn’t a problem)? If you have good “number sense” you most […]